Remembering Your Goals While Celebrating the Holidays!

As time passes into the holidays, students from degree programs all over the world are excited to close their books, rest their eyes, and take some much-needed time off.  Rest is necessary, as is spending time with friends, family, and those who aren’t geographically close to us.  A good project management student, just like a good project manager, respects the idea of down time, but doesn’t forget the importance of studying.  As folks across the Americas, Europe, and Northern Africa celebrate the holidays, we encourage our students to bring a project management chapter along with you on your travels; take notes about a recent article you’ve read at; or take a look at 2011 classes that make sense for you in your project management studies and interests.

At Medhira, we are here for you both virtually and in-person.  For those in India, a number of live classes start between December 25th and January 26th.  For those outside India, a number of virtual classes and webinars are also available during this time; some are complimentary, and others have a nominal fee.  Medhira class registrations are also open in New York (USA) and will begin in February, 2011.  To view these classes and webinars, click here:  We hope to provide you with the project-oriented training and project leadership opportunities you are looking for.

We wish you the very best over the coming months, to you, your family, and friends.  Happy Holidays!

–Anita and the Medhira Team

PS – We are now getting ready to present “At the Edge of Chaos: Outsourcing Considerations for Agile Projects” @ the 9th Int’l Smart Sourcing Conference We hope you can join us!


About medhiraenterprises

Anita Dhir, PMP®, President/CEO Medhira Enterprises,, is a lead consultant and trainer providing project management and operational best practice solutions to her global clients. She has over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies where she has successfully planned and implemented strategic quality and project management initiatives such as project office, training, and process improvement for organizations. Anita has conducted over 500 plus workshops across the globe and shared her expertise with over 4000 students. Anita served on various PMI Chapter Boards between 1998 and 2008. She is an Adjunct Professor at NYU. She has degrees in Computer Engineering and Physics. Anita can be reached at
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