Take a free CAPM Practice Test today! Are you ready?

Congratulations for choosing to be PMI certified to improve your career prospects.  We are providing you with a wonderful opportunity to use our newest offering, the CAPM® Exam Readiness Kit, to help you forward your mission.

Latest by 10 PM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, August 28, 2012, be among the first fifty to submit this form: http://www.medhira.com/medhira/MedhiraCAPMQAask.php4

Here are our two offers:

Free 150-question CAPM® Mock Exam with Detailed Scores, Correct Answer Key, and Solution Set

  • Mention the words “tweet/retweet/like complete” in the information/comments box of the form after tweeting (unique tweets should include #medhira in the tweet) or retweeting our original CAPM® tweet, or “liking” our update on LinkedIn, to receive the Questions, Detailed Scores and Solution Set free of charge.  

Free 150-question CAPM® Mock Exam with Detailed Scores and Correct Answer Key

  • No time to tweet, retweet, or like… get the 150-question CAPM® Mock Exam with Detailed Scores and Correct Answer Key

Mention that you’re a current PMP® or CAPM® holder and we will include 3 PDUs certificate if you pass the test based on standards!

Let us help you be up for career challenge!

Click here for additional information about the CAPM® Exam Readiness Kit: http://bit.ly/NXkh1L.  And, as always, we appreciate your interest in Medhira Enterprises offerings.


About medhiraenterprises

Anita Dhir, PMP®, President/CEO Medhira Enterprises, www.medhira.com, is a lead consultant and trainer providing project management and operational best practice solutions to her global clients. She has over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies where she has successfully planned and implemented strategic quality and project management initiatives such as project office, training, and process improvement for organizations. Anita has conducted over 500 plus workshops across the globe and shared her expertise with over 4000 students. Anita served on various PMI Chapter Boards between 1998 and 2008. She is an Adjunct Professor at NYU. She has degrees in Computer Engineering and Physics. Anita can be reached at adhir@medhira.com.
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