Leading for Success, Every Step of the Way

Project professionals across industries speak to us from time to time about their career goals and challenges. A common (and highly admirable) goal for many is to improve their leadership capabilities. Improving one’s own leadership skills can often lead to the betterment of the project team, the strengthening of a manager’s personal circles – and more success in life! In the office, there will always be those lucky few who have the knack for being “the one everyone looks up to.” Though, not every leader is born with that skill, you too can empower and lead for success!

Are you leading your team in the most efficient and inspiring way? As the summer fades, consider these tips as you move through your workdays:

  • Practice your speaking and communication skills
    – Use your voice to communicate confidence and ownership at all times.
    – Practice your meeting introductions, phone greetings, and as many other public   discussions or presentations as you can.
    – For every moment that you speak, try to listen for 2-3 minutes. The more you   allow others to be heard at the right time, the better you position yourself to find consensus and solve problems without delays
  • Visualize yourself as the leader you want be
    – Close your eyes for a moment, at least once a day, and say, “this is who I want to be tomorrow.” Create a mental picture in your mind of what you’ll look like, how you’ll sound, and how you will feel as a more confident leader. Doing this daily helps you focus your activities around this goal.
  • Be Proactive and Stay Positive
    – Try your best to keep the focus on positivity and growth. Doing this will not only keep your energy high, but also keep you smiling. We’ve all seen that team members, senior staff members, and recruiters are drawn to the person who can confidently face whatever comes their way, while remaining upbeat and result-focused.

Remember – the most important factors behind good leaders are practice and consistency. Set your own bar for leadership success by writing your goals down, combining them into your daily life, and being the role model for your team. Starting these steps today puts your success in clear view!

Have similar strategies worked for you? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below. 

Medhira Enterprises helps project managers with career consulting & training services.  Let us know what we can do for you!

This PM Career Strategies article was written by Luke Luckett, PMP.  It originally appeared in the 2012 Medhira Enterprises Newsletter (Issue 7, Volume 1).

About medhiraenterprises

Anita Dhir, PMP®, President/CEO Medhira Enterprises, www.medhira.com, is a lead consultant and trainer providing project management and operational best practice solutions to her global clients. She has over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies where she has successfully planned and implemented strategic quality and project management initiatives such as project office, training, and process improvement for organizations. Anita has conducted over 500 plus workshops across the globe and shared her expertise with over 4000 students. Anita served on various PMI Chapter Boards between 1998 and 2008. She is an Adjunct Professor at NYU. She has degrees in Computer Engineering and Physics. Anita can be reached at adhir@medhira.com.
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