One Size Does Not Fit All

In projects, an effective leader and a strategic leader are typically one and the same.  Learning how to become such a leader not only takes time and practice; a strong role model is best for encouragement and advice. 

Medhira is pleased to be hosting one such role model: the one and only Walter Vieira, in New York next week, where we’ll be having a lively dinner lecture.  Walter will take you through a 2-hour journey outlining the characteristics of Situational Leaders.  With his vast experience of 40+ years working as a consultant across 3 continents, for some of the largest companies in manufacturing, software and services, this should be a fascinating evening. 

If you are based in NY, or happen to be visiting the area, we hope you’ll join us on Thursday, April 7 from 6-9 PM.  The session counts for 2 PDUs or 2 PM Contact Hours.  Click here to register:  

We hope to see you there! 

-The team at Medhira Enterprises, New York City

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Remembering Your Goals While Celebrating the Holidays!

As time passes into the holidays, students from degree programs all over the world are excited to close their books, rest their eyes, and take some much-needed time off.  Rest is necessary, as is spending time with friends, family, and those who aren’t geographically close to us.  A good project management student, just like a good project manager, respects the idea of down time, but doesn’t forget the importance of studying.  As folks across the Americas, Europe, and Northern Africa celebrate the holidays, we encourage our students to bring a project management chapter along with you on your travels; take notes about a recent article you’ve read at; or take a look at 2011 classes that make sense for you in your project management studies and interests.

At Medhira, we are here for you both virtually and in-person.  For those in India, a number of live classes start between December 25th and January 26th.  For those outside India, a number of virtual classes and webinars are also available during this time; some are complimentary, and others have a nominal fee.  Medhira class registrations are also open in New York (USA) and will begin in February, 2011.  To view these classes and webinars, click here:  We hope to provide you with the project-oriented training and project leadership opportunities you are looking for.

We wish you the very best over the coming months, to you, your family, and friends.  Happy Holidays!

–Anita and the Medhira Team

PS – We are now getting ready to present “At the Edge of Chaos: Outsourcing Considerations for Agile Projects” @ the 9th Int’l Smart Sourcing Conference We hope you can join us!

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Social Media, Blogs, and Project Management

We have been asking ourselves, what is the best way that blogs and “microblogging” sites like Twitter can be leveraged by project managers? Some say social media is too time-consuming, and a distraction from real work. Others say social media and related sites provide comic relief, a sense of community, entertainment (from the work desk!), and are the 21st century’s “cigarette break”.

While project managers may have different opinions on social media usage, one thing that everyone can agree on is the importance of these sites with the ability to influence in positive ways.

In a project setting, a good PM can use blogs and sites like Twitter in some of the following ways:
* To speak about project acknowledgements, failures, or successes in the business world
* Online journal of company, and project developments, for stakeholder feedback
* Feedback mechanism for project staffers
* To answer stakeholder concerns
* Marketing and public relations
– Publicity for brand or product

What do you think? What would you add?

Join us for Medhira’s presentation at the PMI National Conference in Mumbai, November 20, 2010. Registration and more information here:
The slides presented at the amazing show are now available here: – check them out!

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Getting Project Results

Have you ever had one of those projects that just doesn’t seem to go anywhere?  Or maybe you’ve had that project which you dread working on because of past team interactions and others’ working styles?  What did you do?  How did you handle the difficult situation?

When faced with difficulty, humans frequently respond to these challenges by bowing out or postponing involvement.  Instead of procrastinating (which doesn’t help you or your project), a good project manager should think of ways to lead and manage more effectively.  Use of proper soft skills, technical know-how, and strong project math skills should encourage good project management acumen which allows for proper integration, which ultimately results in successful projects.

At Medhira, we teach many of these basic project management skills, and more!  In fact, we have three virtual educational sessions coming up, all of which can be attended from the comfort of your own desk!

Click the links below for further information, and to register.

Soft Skills for Project Managers

PMP/CAPM Certification Exam Math Review

Agile Project Management: Scrum Overview

We wish you a fantastic end to November, and beginning of the Holiday season!

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Trotting Along with Scrum Methods

In today’s day and age, project managers find themselves under pressure to meet changing priorities, tight schedules, and intensified scrutiny as they navigate through projects.  Team members get frustrated by constant changes to plans, which may require them to modify and re-test products at infrequent and sporadic intervals.   Individuals who deal with procurement find themselves in a conundrum: legal teams deal in “black and white” language, while sales, marketing, and customer service project teams are expected to be in a client’s favor at all times – even if that falls outside of the agreed scope and service contract.  A myriad of other issues plague many projects, and a strong project manager in 2010 should be well-versed in running a project from an agile perspective.  Scrum, a form of agile project management methodologies, can accelerate the planning and executing stages of projects in many industries and thus increase chances of project success in a dynamic environment.

At Medhira, using scrum as a project management methodology is second nature, and something we’d like to share with the PM community at large.  Please join us on November 30, 2010 for our the “Agile Project Management: Scrum Overview” Webinar.  There will be from Noon – 2 PM US Eastern Time.  Click here to register.

We hope to hear your questions about scrum from there!

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Agile Project Management: Scrum Overview

Many project managers are challenged when their projects require nontraditional approaches to manage a scope that is constantly changing, limited resources, and evolving technology.  Are you in this situation?  Do you need help managing a project under highly limited scenarios?

Please join us, as Medhira Enterprises will be hosting a webinar which advances the core concepts of project management as outlined in the Project Management Institute (PMI)’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) to address these situations.  Using a hands-on approach, it helps the participants identify and implement the scrum agile method to successfully manage their projects.

Gain the knowledge and skills to apply the scrum technique for your upcoming projects!

Register here for the “Agile Project Management: Scrum Overview” Webinar scheduled for November 30, 2010.  There will be two presentations of this session: Noon – 2 PM or 8-10 PM, US Eastern Time.

We hope to “see” you there!

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What do all project managers need? Read on…

As a project manager, we must manage our stakeholders. Interacting with fellow colleagues, project team members, clients, and other stakeholders requires the use of soft skills.

We are hoping to discuss the idea of soft skills in our upcoming webinar, while defining some of the challenges that make the usage of soft skills difficult. This complimentary webinar is taking place on Thursday, September 16, at 12 Noon EST.  It will consist of a 45-minute lecture, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.  Click here for more info, and to register:

The session will be led by Anita Dhir, PMP® and President of Medhira Enterprises.

We hope you’ll be able to join us!

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Communication is Key

Strategic, skilled project managers know that one of the most important overriding aspects of any projects is communication, or lack of communication.  The way that a leader and her or his team communicate can make or break the effectiveness of the team’s final product, as well as the team’s attitudes and feedback following the project.  Becoming a good leader is a topic for another day (some say the best leaders are born with this trait!), but when it comes to managing project communications, there are 5 processes that the Project Management Institute endorses, through the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK).  Using these processes will ensure greater success in communication management. In simple terms, those processes are:

1. You should Identify your Stakeholders – all people and companies impacted by your project

2. You should Plan your Communications – figuring out what your stakeholders need, and how to provide them with that information

3. You should Distribute the planned Information – make those details available in accordance with your communications plan

4. You should Report your Performance – where you collect and distribute performance information, including status reports and forecasts

5. You must Manage your Stakeholder’s Expectations – work with your various stakeholders and communicate effectively to manage the results, and address any issues and conflicts as they arise

Following these five important steps, as a checklist during your project setup and then by revisiting throughout the life of your project, should help you on your way to project communication success.  Two factors that must be taken into consideration as you work through these five steps are the organizational/project environment, and the stakeholders’ preferred styles of communication.

To learn more about understanding the environmental and style impacts on project communication, we encourage you to join our complimentary webinar, being held live on December 16, at Noon PM US Eastern.  From the comfort of your computer screen, and speakers or phone line, bring us your workplace communication questions! Register at:

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Communication Styles for Project Managers

Establishing good communication techniques among project team members can be challenging.  In fact, it can be downright painful.  Each stakeholder has her or his own personality based on her/his cultural upbringing, educational background and personal preferences. As a project manager, we must take all this into account when we are setting up our communication management plans for projects.

Do you have communication challenges in your workplace?  How do you begin to address the root causes?  Please share with us in the forum below. 

If you are interested in learning a few techniques, or posing your questions, join our complimentary webinar on Aug. 31, called “Different People, Different Strokes: The Power Use of Communication Styles”.  Learn more here:

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Hello, Project Management World!

Hello blogging world! We’re glad you’ve found our spot on At Medhira, our goal is to promote the “voice” and practice of project management throughout the land, while helping people from all industries and backgrounds learn and grow in the field of project and program management. Medhira’s fearless leader, Anita Dhir, and her team members will be posting frequently on topics around communication in project management, leadership in the workplace, conflict resolution, and related subjects. Please visit our website for more information:

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